Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Toy Review: 1985 Dancougar - Land Cougar

Here is the second installment for my 1985 Dancouga toy figure.

We are now looking at the Land Cougar which the Black Panther. It was piloted by Sara Yuki in the anime and will be the Left Foot of Dancouga.

Like the other ones, it does have 3 transforming modes - Panther, Robot and Tank. It is a fairly easy transformation between the modes. When you form Dancouga, there is a post in the back that you need to swing up. It isn't always easy to do and did take some effort.

When it is in Robot mode, you can see a face on the front of the figure on the chest. The only draw back is that this is a top heavy figure. Since it is only using the paws to stand, you have to hope those joints are tight. You also can't really see the face that much over the chest plate either.

Lets now take a look at the shots I have for the modes on this Land Cougar. I will start with the Robot figure and get to the others further down. You will notice that outside of the red accents, this is void of any real details.


There isn't much in the way of detail for the tank mode. The cannon turret is actually the tail when it is in beast mode. The turret does raise and lower and the wheels do work so you can push it on a smooth surface. 

 Now on to the final mode which is beast. It does take a little practice to get the legs right on this. If you don't bend the knees right, it has its butt hanging up in the air - kind of funny looking to me. Since the turret is so small, it reminds me more of a bear than a cougar.


I will pick the Land Liger (Lion) for next weeks post.

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  1. It does look more like a bear than a cougar!! Very cool still :)

    1. I am glad that someone else saw that too - weird

  2. I always have the liking of vintage toys especially from the 80's when the era mecha design bloom and prosperous! The 3 transformation modes plus a part of a combiner tells a lot the awesome design of this robot. Looks great in 3 modes and really solid metal! A toy built to last!

    1. These really are durable and quite solid. Keep checking back as I will be doing all the figures and then the big finally with Dancouga.


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