Wednesday, February 13, 2013

COSPLAY FEVER lip dub: It’s My Life, PT 1

About two weeks ago, an “Old Childhood Friend”, I had NOT SEEN in 35 years, E-Mail me. My Brother Bill, (And we are: “Brothers”, for WE ARE VETERANS”) said that his mother was not doing well. He would be coming out by train from Michigan, to see me. He would be able to spend only the night, here in California. Then asked: Would it be too much trouble for me to drive him out to his mother’s place in Yuma, Arizona? IS IT TOO MUCH TROUBLE TO DRIVE MY BROTHER IN THE “RED TOY DRAGON” TO YUMA? You my Readers are TOO YOUNG, to have one of these. “MY BUCKET LIST” (Things-2-Do-B-4-I-K-D-B) Number ONE WITH A BULLET: “TAKE THE RED TOY DRAGON”, ON A LONG ROAD TRIP”. (Note: I DO NOT just DRIVE my TRUCK)

I will share here with you all, out there in Web/Net, this, “Life Changing Moment”, of that day in the High California Desert. It was at “DUSK”, at that time, as I flew into the setting sun. Slowly reality slipped away. The steering wheel in my left land was an “Aircraft Yoke” between my legs. The Transmission “T” handle was a “Throttle Quadrant”. The familiar Anime series “G-Suit” and Helmet formed on my body from head to toe.

From the Helmet’s speakers a female Computer voice filled my ears. I know this. “GUNDAM 00, CELESTIAL BEING”! I look where the truck’s rear view mirror would be in “REALITY”! But this is not that any more. A commutations screen was there now with a camera. It was active, with my helmeted framed face showing. MY EYES! MY EYES AGLOW IN A “DIGITAL RAINBOW” HUE! By the Buddha!


GUNDAM WING’S: “WHITE REFLECTION”, blasted through my entire being. It has placed me into the state of “Q-B-S”. (Quanta Brain Wave State) This is where MY CREATIVE MIND IS FREE! At that moment in “Anime Eternity”, looking through the cockpit’s Forward Armor Wind Screen, I became, “The Oldest GUNDAN MEISTER”. Flying on Instrumentation, the “HUD”, “Heads-Up-Display”, gave me a 2 Foot by 4 Inch clear view of my Meck’s Flight Path in to the setting sun. Using my Meck’s, “Q-B-C-S”, (Quanta Brain Wave Control System), I enter the…, “TIME CONTIMUM”!

The many “Possible Time Lines”, that have brought me here, up to this time, swirled about me, and then, became one with me. The first Cosplaying year at the San Diego Comic Con in 2007 became intersected. The year 2010 when Web-Master Dan and I met on line and I was interview by him on our site and the post, hit. My First meeting on the Cosplay Floor with the Queen of All Cosplay, Lady Yaya Han in 2011, then intersected. 2012’s, DC’s “MOMENT OF REALIZATION”, meeting with her for the second time, and then being, “PUBLISHED”, by our Queen, in her Book: “1000 INCREDABLE COSPLAY AND COSTUME IDEAS”, struck. My Childhood Friend and Brother Bill’s REUNION flashed around me and we became one.

Entering the Time Continuum, I thought a Toyota “Yaris”, over took my Meck. I was mistaken. It was the “TARDIS”! An, “Old Friend” of mine, “THE DOCTOR”! “Who”, you ask? “Exactly”, I answer you. One by one, “Events”, of “THE FUTURE”, I observed spiraled around me, intersecting my Flight Path, and I “EXPERANCED” each one! This first one can be verified, for the Paper work is in at hand. Another stand half built in my “R + D” Division.

I stand before the Entrance of San Diego “Town and Country Resort Hotel”. It is the 2013 Anime Conji. Is that the “Masquerade Stage”? I AM SINGING? There’s PEOPLE AND COSPLAYER CHEERING? Next I stand among “STEAM PUNK COSPLAYERS”. DAMN I LOOK GOOD! Ya yes! That is my Stander Uniform Colors. That is my Steam Punk, Black and Red Victorian Era, Cosplay Costume, with, “FULL MICANICAL ARTICULATING WINGS? AND A MICRO ROCKET/JET MOTOR? (I must start “Paying” R + D more!) After that experience, I am flying through the Continuum again. With a full barrel roll, I HIT THE AB’S! (After Burners)

Now I am in the LA Conventions? This is “AX”! “Anime Expo”. I am marching proudly through the Halls, being greeted, and praised as “The Oldest Cosplayer”. The Red Dragon Meck Air Frame shutters. Heavy buffeting/turbulence are increasing. I don’t care and with another roll of my Meck in the Continuum… More Power! I strain my eyes and they begin to tear. Is that the sun going nova? Steadily I increase power. I MUST SEE MORE! In the “Classic Science Fiction”, I scream: “SUN DIVE!” I am engulfed… into the NOVA.

I stand in unknown Convention. What is this Cosplay Costume and Character I am wearing? By the BUDDHA! It’s ME! It is my Science Fiction Novel Series, the First Book: “THE DRAGON LORD OF HOUSE RUSHER”, all based on me. I AM LORD RUSHER, HOUSE MAJOR, of the GALITIC COMMONWELTH! And it is his “REGAL LORD’S”, House Uniform. Cosplayers are around me and pass MY BOOK ABOUT! One hands it back to me, and a single Lady Cosplayer approaches. “She wants to meet her, “Oldest Cosplayer’, now.” she says to me. The Cosplayer leads me down the hall way, crowded with picture taking conventioneers. I see now the sun, shine ever so brightly, from around the corner of the hall way. Well lit for a, “Photo Shoot”. I turn the corner, and FROZE in my tracks.


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