Thursday, February 07, 2013

Preorder: Armor Girls Project MS Girl Wing Gundam Zero EW

I just got in my Armored Girls Project: MS Girl GP03S Stamenfigure in this week and now I am after another one. I will have a series of shots for her later this month (hopefully).

Now I really wanted Armor Girls Project : MS Girl Gundam Wing Ver [EW] CODE Awayuki, but she was way too much over my budget ($180 USD). She is the Gundam Wing 'Winter' edition as some may have called her. Another one that got away from me and hopefully may get one day.

Today however, I find Armor Girls Project MS Girl Wing Gundam Zero (EW Ver) for pre-order from Big Bad Toy Store. I am so damn happy and just dropped the money and will await its delivery in June or July of this year. She was only $63.99 USD plus $8.29 USD shipping, which is a great deal and in my budget.

She is really stunning and seems to come with 3 versions for the head/hair. I love the stand she comes with and really makes her stand out like the in the Wing Gundam Waltz DVD. Here are the shots of her that I could find around the net.

Is this any where on your radar to purchase?

btw: I also have Armor Girls Project: Schwarzer Regen x Laura Bodewig from Infinite Stratos coming in from Amazon this week too. Not sure why, but I seem to be on a Armor Girl Project kick.


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    1. got more coming in for a nice set in my February Hauls!

  2. $63.99 USD with $8.29 USD shipping does sound like a pretty good deal, especially for a overseas purchase. The shipping is usually what dreads most collectors the most!

    While I am not planning to go for the AGP series, this Wing Zero girl does look potentially good. The angelic wings and effect of the base are the extra icing on the cake~ What worries me is how the quality will be like when it's released, as there are notorious cases where some came with broken parts in the first place.

    1. I had one issue so far with the original Wing Girl. It was a gold disk that needed to be re-glued. The other thing is that the connection for the hands looks to be very weak. When I was switching them out, I was afraid to break one, but didn't.


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