Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Toy Review: 1985 Dancougar

Well this is it, what everyone has been waiting on – Dancouga in his combined form.

It is massive and heavy thanks to all the metal parts. As you can see, Big Moth is the main body, Eagle Fighter is the head, Land Cougar is the right foot and Land Liger is the left foot. You have to place the individual figures into different forms before it will work. The mammoth needs to be in robot mode, both of the cats have to be in tank mode and the eagle is a totally different transformation all together.

For the feet, there are a couple parts on the cats that need to be swung around. It was a snap for them to fit in the base of the mammoths legs. The head however was a bit hard to put into the right spot. Placing it on top, didn’t always mean it would fit well. For me it kept popping off which annoyed the crap out of me. There was actually a separate sheet of instructions for that due to this issue.

There isn’t much joint movement as it is a stiff form. You can bend the arms to hold the rifle and then push the figure thanks to the wheels on the feet. You also get a beam Rifle for the figure to hold. It would fit in Big Moth’s hands before the transformation, but would be too large to hold. Even in its combined version, it is big.

Like noted in an earlier post, my only regret is the fact I don’t have the original box.

That’s about all I have on this and really should get to the photos.

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