Saturday, April 13, 2013

DC's Report from Anime Conji 2013


DC your Web-Net Reporter in the thick of it here, at "ANIME CONJI" San Diego California. It's DAY-1 of "CON-BAT".

First 2 objectives was get signed in for Masquerade, and one of those, SUDDEN CALL FOR PROFESSIONAL STUDIO PHOTO SHOOT! A lady Cosplayer ID herself to me as I stood in line for Badge... WE WANT YOU!

Lost and Wandering about.... THE BLUNDER-LUCK, STRUCK! Heard Anime Music Blasting at a POOL! YEA! HOT LADIES COSPLAYERS IN.... ( more later ). Some Con Person came up and announced.... "LADY VAMPY will be making a vist here poolside for Photos and questions in 10 mins." Yes, my readers. Had a FLASH BACK to 2012's Web-Report with Lady Yaya Han.

"DC RUSHTON! WEB/NET REPORTER FOR 2old4Anime...................."

Battery power DIED when last shot was taken of Vampy and  me was to be taken! Had a Nice Long poolside Chat with her, about ME? More to Come Readers!

Use pictures below as a hint of things to come!


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