Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Quick Look - Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride

In case you may have missed it (like I almost did), there is a second season for our lovely General and his band of Master Samurai ~ Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride
(NSFW review)

Bad Girls on the left and Good Girls on the right. With all these lovely ladies, where can a man go wrong - right?

I did a review on the first seasons episode one, so I HAD to do one for this new series.

What is the best thing about this season - NO DAMN INK SPOTS!!!!! Well, there are ink spots, but they don't cover the part we actually want to see.

All the lovely bouncy breasts and pantsu shots you can handle all episode long. Yes, ecchi is definitely the case and fan service to give any fanboy a hurt hand. You can see that in the little GIF to the right of your text. This little clip manages to hit every single part of the female anatomy that we want to see.

It is part of the opening you will see in the series for their - umm - Maid Cafe. Seems things got tough after the big battle. At least we have all the lovely ladies back from the past season to keep us glued to the show.

Our only man of the group, Yagyuu Muneakira comes back to see the Yagyu Shinkage Dojo as a freaking Maid Cafe. All the Master Samurai's are now Maids - a fanboys wet dream come true. Even though they beat the bad guy, they got no money and have to do what ever they can to get some into the Dojo. I wonder who the hell came up with the concept when designing this next series?

What would our show be like without some villains. Lets welcome the Four Sword Demon aka the Dark Samurai's. You will hear them mention a revival, but of whom, we don't know yet(?) We also find out they are after the Yagyu Dojo and poor little ole Juubei. If you haven't guessed it, these will be 4 lovely ladies. They will also have power even stronger than our Master Samurai's. After a brief battle which our heroines lose, Yagyuu actually gets his General powers locked down and can't hold a sword. If they don't do something, in a month, his powers will be gone for good - just freaking wonderful.

Oh, almost forgot that girls with their shirts opened seems to be a possible theme this season as well.

Everyone sing with me:

"moe-moe-kyun-kyun!, moe-moe-kyun-kyun!, get yummy! get yummy!, moe-moe kyun!"

That scene always gets me laughing!

Some Additional Shots for your Pleasure!

Sources: Sankaku ComplexRandom Curiosity

Let me know your thoughts on this one as I will try to get other 'Quick Looks' on the blog.


  1. A second season?! Thanks for telling me! The first series wasn't that strong on story (ARMS productions are never), but it DID ooze with style. Here's hoping to see more of that in the second series.

    1. They kept with the same anime style but I swear they added even more fan service than before \(^o^)/

  2. You make me want to jump into the anime! My friend just recommend 'Infinite Stratos' to me.. Luv all these fan services anime.. Lolz..

    1. Infinite Stratos rocks not only for the harem concept, but also the mecha.


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