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It is with “HONOR”, I present to you my Readers, “THE FIRST OF A SERIES”, of “Cosplay Video Tributes”, to Lady Yaya Han, My Friend-Inspiration-In-Cosplay. I share these with you, only to promote “WHAT IS THE WONDER AND BEAUTY THAT WHICH IS LADY YAYA HAN AND HER PROFESSIONAL WORKS!”

In Japan, at the Tokyo Game Show, “Cosplay Collection Night” TG12: 2012, is where this was video was shot. I’ve seen 2 other Video of this, and I DECLARE this THEE BEST! The Tokyo Game Show only invites the “Pros”. These three Queens of Cosplay are definitely “Professionals”!

First up on the “Cat Walk”, is The Lady Alodia Gosiengfiao. Cosplay Queen from the Philippines! Her work is as Professional as they come. You can find her on Facebook and deviantART. I must note that she HAS THE MOVES! (ON STAGE FORWARD FLIP IN HIGH HEELS…) Next up, is Cosplay Queen Riddle. She too can be found on Facebook and deviantART as well. Her Professional work in Cosplay has earned her the title of a Cosplay Queen! And now my Readers, saving THE BEST FOR LAST . . . QUEEN YAYA HAN!I must give Lady Yaya the title of “QUEEN OF THE COSPLAY QUEENS”! and a WELL DESERVED the title it truly is. Her Professional Cosplay, Costumes, Acting, and Poses, puts her there at the top. Does Yaya stop there? NAY! Not MY SISTER-IN-COSPLAY! NOT MY QUEEN! This is the NUMBER REASON I WRITE THIS POST…

Watch her performance on the Cat Walk closely. She becomes “FELICIA THE CAT GIRL”. “SHE WIGGLES HER EARS” and RAISES THEM IN CAT-COMBAT MODE! Now that is something THAT I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON! (Not my ears wiggling!)

For a Last Blast on my MK-5 “Priest of Tao”, I want to mount a small RED DRAGON Figure on my shoulder. The “Head” would move constantly about like a “Bird of Prey”. (Note: NO pules in eyes/adds to the effect) I KNOW HOW SHE DID IT! I am an “Old Radio Control Hobbyist”, for years. I’ve built every Type. From Power Planes, Gliders, Power/Sail Boats, Cars… THE only three Types are Helios, Submarines, and a TANK! Back in “MY DAYS”, The “SEVROS” that moved the “Mechanics” of whatever was needed, were HUGE! Not now. Today’s GEAR is MICRO SIZE and E-Z to install into her “Ears Band”, needed for Servo mounting for, Movement/Positioning, and the receiver. The Transmitter/Controller, (2 channels) was operated by some member of her Crew”. THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE!

This is what makes Lady Yaya Han not only a Cosplay Queen, but put her, OVER THE TOP, to the place of QUEEN OF ALL COSPLAY QUEENS! It is ideas like this are “INSPERATION TO US ALL”! It has been a Great Honor for me to present this “TRIBUTE” post with “Cosplay Collection Night Video”. I have MORE “TRIBUTE” posts waiting, just for you my Readers.


Want to see more of these ‘QUEEN’s of COSPLAY”? Check the links below!

Alodia Gosiengfiao  ~  Website | Facebook | deviantART

Riddle  ~  Website | Facebook | deviantART

Yaya Han  ~  Website | Facebook | deviantART

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