Friday, July 05, 2013

Top 10 Cats of Anime

Need to get back into the swing of some 'Top 10' Lists. Lets take a look at our feline friends for this one.

As a disclaimer, this is my personal list of favorites. I understand that I may have missed several of your favorites. As an added bonus, I linked the shows to the Wiki sites so you can learn more if you wanted to. I did my best to cast a wide net, but as always, I am sure there is some fault to my choices. I look forward to your comments in either direction.

Without any more fanfare, lets get this list started at 10 and work our way to my number one favorite.

10. Coba from Voltron 
Yes, I started this off with a villain cat. This cat however is seriously freaky cool, so I had to include her (I think it is a her?).


9. Hello Kitty
I was exposed this this cute kitten many years ago while working at Another Universe. She is still quite popular and I am sure will be much into the future. Thought I have to admit, I would hang out with Badtz-Maru.

8. Luna, Artemis and Diana from Sailor Moon
Back in the day, I watched this series. It was one of the only anime on Channel 45 in Baltimore when I was a kid. I had to include all of them as it wouldn't seem right not to. I know I said 'cat', but how could I pick just one of these moon crescent kitties!

7. Baron Humbert von Gikkingen from The Cat Returns

Smooth, dashing and a total gentleman. The opposite of most cats I know. He was also a snazzy dresser for a cat.


6. Kirara from InuYasha
This is Sango's nekomata and also her way of getting around. Not sure why, but two tails seems to be better than one. I also love the her fangs as it reminds me of a Sabertooth.

5. Meowth (Team Rocket) from Pokemon

Yes, another villain cat, well, sort of. My son would have been upset if I left him out of this list. You really have to feel for this Pokemon as he continually gets the bad end of the stick.

4. Kuro from Blue Exorcist

I love this little kitten (another with 2 tails and a nekomata), but when it gets in fight mode, watch out. Who doesn't want a cat that can increase it's size and get nasty with the best of them. The neighorhood dogs better stay in their yards.

Now we are down to my top 3 feline familars.

3. Madara from Natsume's Book of Friends

I just love this cat and it's attitude. Though his true form seems more of a fox than a cat. I can't help but laugh when it is just being a hard ass to Natsume. Not to mention that a cat drinking sake is cool.

2. Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service
You always need a talking black cat when you are a witch. I love his attitude and trying to be the devils advocate for poor Kiki. Do you find it interesting that his name is 'Jiji' for the witch 'Kiki' (J, K)?

Now for our top dog, I mean CAT

(drum roll please)

1. CAT BUS from My Neighbor Totoro
OMFG - who wouldn't have this as your number one cat. This has got to be the coolest cat in the world. Nice soft furry seats which means warm in the winter. Now if I can just get my hear wrapped around the mice lights.

As always, let me know if I nailed or completely screwed it. I was surprised by the number of transforming cats I had in this list. Maybe I should have done that as a separate top 10 - oh well.


I noticed that I picked 3 of them from my favorite director Hayao Miyazaki at Studio Ghibli.

Our next one will be a mix of human/feline variety. I hopefully will have 10 as well, but not sure yet. Check back in the coming weeks for that one to hit.


  1. Indeed, Catbus from TotorO is so adorable. A clear win to grab the top spot.

  2. Interesting list. I never really thought much of cat characters in anime. Cat bus is a nice choice for number 1!

    1. Thanks for liking my choice for number one. It isn't anything we do think about in anmie too much. Once it gets mentioned though, I am sure people will be looking.


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