Friday, August 16, 2013

Preorders for Linage II Figures

I usually don't get into gaming figures, but I had to for these lovely ladies. I have a preorder done for both the Dark Elf (Brown Skin ver.) and Kamael. After doing a bit of research on pricing, I went with HobbyFan. Both of these are  1/7 PVC Figure and produced by Max Factory.

I am leaning towards more realistic figures when dropping cash on new ones. Both of these are very well detailed and are beautiful works of art in my opinion. The hard part for me though was figuring out which version of the Dark Elf that I wanted to get. There is the normal Blue Skin version and then the Brown Skin version. After much soul searching and having a couple co-workers check them out, we decided on the Brown Skin verison.

Here are the pictures of them both. What skin version would you have picked for the Dark Elf?

Source: Neko Magic

Do you have any Preorders?


  1. Not for you cos I will go for one more knighty with more armor..

    1. I love the armor girls, but the trident that Dark Elf has is awesome. Culd it be I got these for just the 'Infamous Pantsu' shot????


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