Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Figure Review: Revoltech Monter Hunter No.133

For this review, I will be taking a look at Revoltech Yamaguchi No.133, Man Hunter Swordsman Jinoh Series (Monster Hunter).

I actually grabbed this using my Amazon account and it is always a good choice. Unlike eBay which has some issues with sellers and product, Amazon has been a better source for me (minus an issue with a poster - can you say BLOWN UP JPG).

Not this one is extremely colorful with the blues and gold. He uses the armor from one of the dragons in Monster Hunter called Jinouga(Zinogre). It is a Fanged Wyvren which is more commonly known as a Thunder Wolf Wyvren. both me and my son had fun opening up the box and posing it. It somes with several weapons and a good variety of hands. So far, this one seems more fun posing that my other one.

Inside Flap Instructions
 I have to say that I like this color scheme a lot. This figure also has a look of a samurai with the head pieces hair in the back. The face on the helmet is also very griminess when you look at it. My son just loved the 2 short swords as one of the parts could be moved from the handle to the tip for added flair. You will see that you get 2 long swords - one is unsheathed while the other is a sheathed version. This allows you to carry it on your back or use it for combat. The short swords are suppose to fit on the back. My issue with this is that you only had one peg hole in each so that they could be seen stuck together. Then how in the hell were you suppose to have them hung on his back. There was one additional black duo peg that I used for just this. I used it as a hanger of sorts so they could be used on his back.

Like all Revoltechs though, there is some bit of difficulty getting everything to work. My first challenge was getting the foot base to work (exploding sand?). It seems the peg on the part was larger then the hole in the boots. I carefully, but forcibly made sure it fit in both.

The other issue was the switching out of the hands. These always seem to be loose and the hand spins or sometimes falls out. Of course balance is an issue, but in this one, they supplied what I can only call a 'third leg'. you can use to post in the back plate of the armor and it supports him much better. I love this additional item as now my figure won't fall.

Here are some shots of the figure and some poses that are familar to the back of the box. I still can't seem to do all the poses for some reason as I can't seem to get the joints to get in those positions X^(

Simple Poses
Other Shots
Have you picked up any of these figures yet? If so, let me know your thoughts on how you posed them!

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