Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Armor Girls Project kicks ass with a new Gundam Girl

Can't seem to get enough of these lovely ladies from Armor Girls Project. I have to admit though, putting them together is a damn bitch each time.

I already had a preorder for AGP Rafael Revive Custom II and Charlotte Dunois Figure which I will add to my other 2 from the Infinite Stratos series. While I was checking out the Cyber Monday deals, I came across another Gundam Girl. She is noted to be coming out in April and can't wait to add her to my collection. She will fit in with my other AGP Gundam Girls quite well.

I guess you already have spotted the Amazon ad, so without further a-do, lets welcome the next AGP - MS GIRL GUNDAM UNICORN!

This is a must have for any collector of the Girls of Gundam series. Again, they have done an excellent job of rendering this for us. What I found extra enjoyable was the fact you can have her in Normal (Unicorn) or Destroyer modes. I am glad they didn't go over board with this figure. With all the armor and weapons she could be carrying, I feel they did her right. She has exactly what she needs to be the Unicorn Gundam Girl - delicate but deadly.

Here are the shots that I grabbed from the net so you can see the details and modes. Here is her in the normal mode with the Beam Magnum and Beam Sabres. I also have a shot of the accessories that come with this lovely figure.

 Lets now take a look at her in the Destoryer mode with all these accessories included. I think I will have to go with the 3rd shot for my display of her. I love the Beam Javelin with the shield as it just looks much more menancing to me.

I turn this over to you now, what do you think of this new rendition from the AGP? Does it fit your vision of her and will you be adding it to your collection?


  1. Unicorn Gundam AGP comes with a lot of accessories, and I think this is the first one that comes with transformation parts (by part swapping)? I do love the abundant accessories, as you can customise the loadout in many ways. Looking forward to see your review once you get her!

    1. I wiil definitely have this one up for review. My son was even excited that I was getting it as he has the Gunpla version.


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