Monday, December 02, 2013

Cyber Monday or should it be called Psycho Monday

Black Friday now leads into Cyber Monday. I don't get it anymore as it is just one massive sale anyway. When a friend was talking about this on Twitter, I tweeted back that doing shopping online was the way to go - "Click, Click, Ship". No hassle at the stores, no getting shot for your stuff, no crazy driving habits to get the best parking spot. It is getting dangerous to go out and grab this stuff. Makes me wonder why no one has sued the major chains for any damages received during their shopping adventures.

I am sure Amazon is having a field day (or is that week) with all this. Their site has been dropping items every 10 minutes at some nice prices. I actually tried to get one thing for my neice, but missed out (Lego Friends Tree House). I did end up getting it later at about $6.00 USD more, but don't care. All my holiday shopping is done for everyone now. I purchased my wrapping paper and will be cutting and taping to my hearts desire in the coming weeks. I don't want my son drooling over the wrapped gifts when he is over, so those will be last. I can now just sit back and relax - well - sort of.

Rightstuf has started their 12 days of Savings. It is actually 13, but who is counting - ME! I have already dropped cash on their previous Waves (those specials end tonight). I have something in my sights for this 1st day which is just going into a holding pattern. As I build up my list over the next couple days, I will make a cart up and get it shipped. Hopefully everything will arrive by Yule/Christmas, but  not worrying if it doesn't. I will have enough new/old anime to keep me on the couch for the coming Winter months.

Have you done any shopping so far this season for yourself?

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