Friday, January 24, 2014

RWBY Review and Cosplay

RWBY was created by Monty Oum over at Rooster Teeth. I found this over the Christmas holiday when things were slow. What grabbed me at first was the opening song. It is right in line with what I like in Alternative music. This soundtrack was composed by Jeff Williams and some of the songs are sung by Casey Lee Williams, his daughter. If you also like the music, you can order the soundtrack on their site. So, after watching the first episode, I was drawn into the story.

This story is a different mix on some of our childhood stories as you can see that Ruby Red reminds us of Little Red Riding Hood. Outside the main villain, Roman Torchwick, there are Creatures of Grimm which is what these ladies fight. They use what is called 'Dust' to help them fight these creatures and it is what Roman is trying to steal all of as well. Depending on the color of the Dust, you will get a different chain reaction as you will see in the show.

We see more of the characters after Ruby enters Beacon Academy in the city of Vale. It seems that the classmates are part of a squad or team of 4 in order to fight. This is where 'RWBY' is formed and like all anime, each character has some unique quarks about them. It is slow at first, but all four start building trust in one another and the other teams. What is really interesting is that their weapons can go from swords/hammer/scythe to guns in the mist of battle. Any weapon that transforms is always cool. You can't forget a little magic thrown in there was well. The battle scenes are well choreographed as you will see in Episode 8, 'Players and Pieces'.

The one issue I did have was that the background characters in this series are 'Blanks'. Just grey/black silhouettes of people and not actually full color ones. I am sure this was due to keeping production costs down and to keep the focus on the characters. Still though, it made it seem to me as an incomplete anime. What is truly driving me nuts though is that the last episode (16) was done back in November of last year. I am just kindly asking that they get back in front of the screen and make more . . . Pretty PLEASE!!

You can find all 16 episodes over at Rooster Teeth on YouTube.

Volume 1 Trailer

I actually found a wonderful group of ladies that did all of these characters together. They were actually quite excellent in the cosplay and really took me back. They even did a video together that you will see below. I have to acknowledge the photographers Big White Bazzoka Photography and Tony Quan. I should also mention that the props they used were made by Johnny & Junkers.

Here is the artwork and the cosplayers setup in a similar fashion.


Here are the cosplayers and the characters that they each represented. I can't get past the stunning job they did on these. They all look just like the characters it is like they just stepped out of the anime.

Aku Sesu as Ruby Rose (Red) 

Sushi Monster as Weiss Schnee (White)

Haku as Blake Belladonna (Black)

Space Pizza Cosplay as Yang Xiao Long (Yellow)

Behind the Scenes of RWBY Cosplay!

It was a unique opportunity to do this as a combined post. I am not sure if I will do this in the future as it was intense, so let me know if you like it.

As a side note, this is my 900th post!


  1. This is something new to me. There is a good mixture of cartoon and anime drawing plus a little little bit of final fantasy ingredients. Nice cosplay there. Cheers : )

    1. I thought it was interesting and needed some attention. I am thinking about doing my Friday cosplays of these characters for the next set.


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