Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yoko and Nia - Twin Pack of Fire Power and Love

I saw this a while ago and wanted to add them to my collection.

I have the R-Style versions and knew these would fit in nicely. These figures are actually just about the same size of them too. This Twin Pack was produced by the Good Smile Company. You will note this was sold as the "PSG Version" since they look like Panty and Stocking versions. As a side note, these were duplicated from the original illustrations by Atsushi Nishigori.

What sucks with this set is that you have to cut into it to get them out. I did keep the backer card as it is has a cool background. You will note that I actually used this as their stage. As a bonus, you also get Boota. Then I guess it wouldn't be complete without him. Here is the packaging and you will see it is nicely sealed in a hard plastic clam shell. WHERE ARE THE DAMN SCISSORS!!

They did try using sheets of plastic to protect them, but that didn't work too well. As you will see below, there is some color 'scratches' that got on Nia's hair tie. I didn't find any other issues, so in all it was still a nice set to get. I thought it was interesting that they kept the bases heart shaped. There was an additional part of the stand for Yoko which I am assuming was for her hair. Not sure why that was added as it doesn't seem to be actually needed. I have some shots below of them with close ups as well.

Close Up Shots

Infamous Pantsu Shot

Let me know if you have any interest in getting this series of figures for your collection!



  1. That's adorable... I could recognized Yoko with just one glance.. hehe ... So cute Nia is not spared from the infamous pantsu shot. Lol...

    1. They are very cute and make a nice addition to the other figures. I tried to get Yoko, but she pointed that rifle at me and told me to scram!


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