Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Space Dandy - WTF is this show about again?

This has to be the craziest and funniest anime so far this season. I am still trying to understand the love of the wacked out 50's hair style and fashion though. The music is great and flows well with the show. It seems to have a happy - jazzy - dance mix to it in my opinion. The style, zaniness and bold use of colors in this series reminds me of Redline. If you need a mind dump, this is your show for sure.

Space Dandy is a Intergalactic Hunter looking for new species.  With him is a old robot/vacuum cleaner/assistant and then later a cat-like creature called a Betelgeusian. This cat also has an issue with tweeting everyplace he is - with photos to boot.

Of course, to set this all right is the outer space 'breasturant' - Boobies. Why is it shaped like 2 breasts facing away from each other with their nipples as flashing red lights is anyones guess. But I am sure we all know why ;^) Women with big breast from all various alien races work here. It is kind of like Hooters or Tilted Kilt in Space. If you want some great food and stunning views, this is your stop!

He is always looking for new species of aliens so that he can make some money. The issues is that there most of the aliens have been discovered and there isn't many out there to be had. No matter, our Sandy will continue to try and most of the time gets 'REJECTED'! I am sure we will see more of this lovely red head as there is something behind those glasses.

The Gogol Empire pursuing Dandy as they think he may have valuable information to help them rule the universe. The main ship after him has the Statue of Liberty's head wearing a gag ball as part of it. This is where it reminds me of the beast men from TTGL. However, each time they find him, they can't capture him. Dandy has some dumb luck each time and is also oblivious of them looking for him.

If you want an overly sexist and damn funny show, this is it. I have summed up the first 3 episodes below in the only way I can. 

Episode 1 - Intros and they all die
Episode 2 - Ramen Shops Galore
Episode 3 - Vagina and Boobie Monsters


Have you seen this show yet and if so what is your take on it. If not, WTF are you waiting for???


  1. The drawing looks pretty new. How I wish I don't have to also clear my anime to watch backlog and start on this...

    1. I am having a heck of a time as well. I am running a bit late on the Winter Anime Season. I figured I wait for 3 episodes to drop before doing some reviews.

      Best of luck catching up on your backlog!


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