Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nobunaga the Fool - Fool or Savior will be decided in Battle

Best way to get this is to say 'When West meets East". Take Western and Eastern civilizations, then build them on opposite stars (planets). You also have Dragons that are part of each star. One of the issues though seems to be that the East can't come together and form their dragon as the West has. It also has a cross sectional history spin to it. They throw in a mix of famous Western names like King Arthur, Leonardo Di Vinci and Magellan. The East is set from the days of Feudal Lords with all the samurai you can handle. Tie this all together with starships with solar sails, some moe, steampunk robots and dragons. What genre didn't they throw into this series, you will have to let me know (maybe harem and high school).

You first meet Jeanne Kaygue d'Arc (Joan of Arc?) who hears voices and is called 'Demon Possessed'. But the voice she is hearing seems to be Oda Nobunaga on the other star. Nobu also sees (and smells) her in his dreams. Could this be a star crossed romance? They are shown to be destined together through time and space early in the first episode. Here is hoping that they can unite and form the destiny that brings peace to both stars. Each episode is represented by a Major Arcana from Tarot. It is picked by Jeanne from a selection of cards provided from Da Vinci.

I haven't touched much on the mechs. It seems that the earlier mechs were just small fry compared to what we see later. Nobu quickly becomes the pilot of one built by Da Vinci (why is this ALWAYS the case) and easily fights with it like a pro. I have seen some other cool mechs in the previews and hope that they make a toy line from these.  good robot fight is always the turning point in any series.

Here is a quick review of the first 3 shows:

Episode 1 - Intros and WAR
Episode 2 - A Menage a Trios - a boy, a girl and a robot?
Episode 3 - Awakened Power and a WIFE - WTF!

I am looking forward the next episode as it is going to be an exciting series.



  1. This could be my kind of anime. Like Basara and 'Horizon In The Middle of No Where' put together..

    1. With the blogs you have done with those figures, this is definitely something that should be on your watch list.


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