Friday, February 14, 2014

KATSUCON 20 - Friday, Cracked Open!

Up and at them people, time to get this party started!

Got a full charge on the batteries for the camera and off we go. Dropped down into the hotel a little after 10am and the place was running crazy with cosplayers. It never amazes me the hard work that they put into their pieces. It is fun to see them all as cosplay crosses all barriers of life and style.

My plans for today is to take some pictures and talk to other photographers on  shooting cosplayers. Remember, my photography background is with nature, not people. I will also go to Artist Alley and drum up some commissions. Then to Merchants Alley to see what goods they have. After all this, then to go to some of the panels. When the hell am I suppose to eat???

Here are a few of them I took before the Alleys opened up of the cosplayers and people around the con.
Here are some shots I took of cosplayers that were chilling out and also taking photos. I know we all want to see individual cosplayers, but this shows how the cons really are. There were photographers everywhere and I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated. But somehow, I managed to still take some shots. This is what Katsucon is all about, everyone just hanging out, enjoying themselves.
People were still lining up to get pre-registered in a line just as huge as last night. Here are some shots of Artist and Merchant Alley as well. They both still had several empty tables of artists and vendors, but that is to be expected. I am sure after the weather issues, everyone will get here. I was hoping to see more Gundam models as my son has some on his wish list. I didn't find them, but may have found something else. You have to know what you are buying however, as prices here seem to be a bit higher than I was expecting.
AND FINALLY - here is my HAUL so far today. I also have 3 sketches being commissioned for me. I am glad to have 2 sketchbooks as one artist will take all day due to the detail :^)
Going back down to the con now for the panels and get more stuff \(^o^)/

*** If you notice yourself here from Katsucon 20, drop me a line. I want to make sure you are credited. You can comment or send an email to bluedrakon at gmail dot com! ***


  1. I would luv to indulge in their merchandises booth. Now, my turn to envy u.. Lol

    1. It was nice, but really missed out on some of what I was looking for. I think I may have gotten a bootleg Yoko however X^(


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