Friday, February 14, 2014

KATSUCON 20 - Friday Recap

I have to say, I was overwhelmed by today. I was continual walking, looking at stuff and taking pictures here and there. I also was able to get several commissions done and all DRAGONS for my sketchbook. I have 2 scheduled today, but hope to get more as well.

I spent a good part of my money today as I had things that I wanted to get before they were gone. I got 2 SD Gundam figures, one for me and one for my son. I was able to also get several art books that I had been looking for. I still didn't see most of the items that I really wanted to get, but was able to get some others. The ones that I did find, were a bit high for me and just above what I was looking to spend. I am still debating some of them and will see what happens on Sunday.

OH MY FUCKING GODS, there were cosplayers everywhere. You couldn't move without seeing one and I am amazed by all them. I don't know how as a photographer you could choose one over the other as they were all cool to see. Then again, there were a ton of photographers too.

There is a nice selection of gaming here as well. I saw collectible card games, traditional RPG and video gaming. I am glad that I stayed away from this genre or I may not have enough money for all of it. I did see some Cardfight! Vanguard cards that my son does have, but we can't find it where I live. Maybe, just maybe, I could get some of those - it is just a back burner right now as I already have other stuff for him :^)

But at the end of the day, you just need to sit down and relax. Here is a nice mixed of cosplayers from a variety of anime's all sitting together.  Now can we all just do this in real life?

Gotta get back out and check the Geek Comedy Tour and then one more panel before calling it a day (Saturday Morning - ACK!).

UPDATE: The Geek Comedy Tour was pretty good. It was well on par with any comedy club as you had a good range of comedians.  You got geek, life and sexual comedies all rolled up into one. The final Panel I hit was called "OMG!!!WTF Did I Just Watch?" This was a mix of Japanese commercials, music videos and game shows specific to Japan. Some of stuff they have on broadcast TV would NEVER EVER make it to the us. That wrapped up my Friday into Saturday and it was 3:30am before I hit the bed. WHAT A RIDE AND MORE TOMORROW! (or is that technically today?)

*** If you notice yourself here from Katsucon 20, drop me a line. I want to make sure you are credited. You can comment or send an email to bluedrakon at gmail dot com! ***

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