Sunday, February 16, 2014

KATSUCON 20 - Sunday and all DONE!

As they say in the film industry - "That's a Wrap!"

Overview of the whole con:


Seriously it was awesome to see so may talented cosplayers. No genre was skipped either as you had the whole gambit. Comics, old school and current anime, american cartoons, steampunk, goth and movies. It was cool for me to see so many of my favorite characters cosplayed. There were still people here all day and even after the con was closed down. Here is a shot from earlier today of the Gazebo and Atrium area still with stunning cosplayers.
This is what made it hard for me to take shots - Who do I ask? I actually used my Canon XTi and the camera on my phone. Carrying a Messenger Bag of stuff and a full DSLR camera was a bit much at times. I plan on doing several cosplay posts for Katsucon 20. I decided to do a couple on cosplay for everyone and then one on cosplayers at rest. The favorite cosplays this year was Frozen, Attack on Titan (even the Giants), Sword Art Online and Kill La Kill.

So lets get to my haul of stuff (summary) as I did go a little over budget as I expected.

24 Artist Sketches (including Phil FoglioSenno Knife and Steve Bennett)
8 DVD/Bluray covers signed
2 SD Gundam Model Kits
3 Figures
4 Prints
5 Artbooks
2 Manga
4 Gashapon
and various other nick-nacs

My suggestions however for Katsucon for next year is as follows:
  1. Extend the hours for the Merchant Alley. Closing down hours before Artist Alley is a bit odd.
  2. Provide the Program Schedule sooner than later. Any update of changes should be posted on the site and highlighted on the Guide somehow. I missed seeing the majority of Lolita Dark's concert.
  3. Work with the Gaylord Resort to make sure that Electronic Schedule Boards are actually accurate. The times on Friday showed registration at 6pm when we all know it was 7pm.
I am physically drained too as my feet, legs and lower back took hits from walking and standing for long times. I was turned off that everything me and my son had on our wish list was NEVER here at the con. The selection was too similar at all of the vendors which was funny. The big thing was Monster Hunter blind boxes were everywhere. Due to limited funds, I skipped these as I know my son would have wanted ALL of them.

I am now in my room relaxing and reviewing the photos I took. I am also going to pre-pack the car so it will be easy to check out tomorrow. I think this picture sums it up for all the cosplayers at the end of the Con - "Finally a Break!"

*** If you notice yourself here from Katsucon 20, drop me a line. I want to make sure you are credited. You can comment or send an email to bluedrakon at gmail dot com! ***


  1. Nice haul pal! The place seems big like a city of cosplayers gathering...

    1. It was nice to get some things for myself and my son. I forgot that I had 2 tee shirts on order from They have some of the funniest shirts I have seen.


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