Saturday, February 15, 2014

KATSUCON 20 - Saturday and who needs Sleep!

OMFG - 6 hours sleep and back into action. Look everyone, I am not a young pup any more and most of these 'kids' are 1/2 or more my age. Damn kudos to them for having the energy still to do all this. Well, except for one guy last night on the floor I was on. He was babbling face up on the ground with 4-5 cops around him. I am not sure what happened, but I hope he is okay this morning. Speaking of mornings, why do I have what would be classified as a Hangover Headache? I never drank a drop of alcohol at all yesterday, but feel that way this now.

Due to lack of sleep, I decided to take it easier today. I will work artist's alley for sketches and look at the artwork on auction. They also have a small display for a modeling contest. I was surprised that they didn't have a large amout, but what they had was well done. Here are the models I took shots of:

Today I am also doing some autograph sessions. I am hoping to get some of the voice actors/actresses to sign my DVD/Bluray covers. Don't worry, I will working on some cosplayer photography :^)

Got some more artwork in the sketchbooks. I may only be able to get a couple more tomorrow then that's it if anything. I was able to get some  DVD/Bluray covers signed by Greg Ayers and Christopher Ayers (brothers). They are a great pair of voice actors that have actually worked on series together. What was funny is that Greg is known to be always late - all the time, so he was fashionably late. I decided to get my photo taken with them, so here are the shots. I want to thank the people who took them with my phone otherwise, the would have been selfies. I also need to practice smiling :^D
I was a bit miffed though as the communication about Lolita Dark's concert was last minute. I actually only caught the last 2 sets they did.Not sure why the fucking disconnect, but there I was in line for the ONLY other appointment under their listing in "The Guide". I then found that they updated it only a couple hours ago and the set started at 8:30pm and not 10pm. I did manage however to catch some of them and get a CD autographed (which I am listening to writing this update). I wanted to pick up some clothes, but noting in the sizes I was looking for. I will be ordering from Shibuya Obsessions later next week.

Okay kids, I am heading to bed as tomorrow will finish up Katsucon!

*** If you notice yourself here from Katsucon 20, drop me a line. I want to make sure you are credited. You can comment or send an email to bluedrakon at gmail dot com! ***


  1. I will sure to stay at this section for a longer wait. I believed that was a exclusive MG Tallgesse II on display and the EVA Rei in Unit01 suit is interesting. Better to be in Unit 00 suit. hehe..

    1. I was surprised by how it wasn't as much modelers as I had hoped. Maybe next year it will be better.


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