Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Spirit Stones - Screw Candy Crush when you can fight with Sexy Babes

Okay, now you all know I am not a gamer, but I did get hooked to this one - Spirit Stones by Gamevil. It is a game app that I got for my phone and I am actually addicted enough that I play every day. I can't remember for the life of my why I downloaded it. It is a free game, but of course, if you want the best cards, you need to buy gems.

The draw for me to play, was collecting the cards and then merging them to get more powerful cards to use in battles. I found a way to see what you got by finding this Card Evolution site. Even though you can have a multitude of cards, you have limits to how many and what you can play. You are limited to 4 in regular battles, but 8 in your challenges. Besides you normal quests, you also have Hellgate and Devils' Castle.

It is a collectible card game that uses spirit stones to power up your characters. They also throw in a couple weapons to help you amp up your powers (swords, bombs and arrows). On top of that, when you get low on your life points, they throw in potions to help bring it back up. You can boost your cards with weapons and protective gear you find on your quests.

Like normal TCG, you have Normal to Ultra Rare cards. You can get cards by completing quests and also purchasing them. For the really good cards, you need to have gems and this is where they get you. You don't get these very easily in the game, so the incentive is for you to buy some. So far I haven't dropped a dime into this game, but as the quests get more intense, you may need to. There are more female characters in this than male. Again, another draw to this as they are drawn extremely well and damn sexy to boot. Here are just some of the examples of the cards in the game.

I am currently at level 44 and on the second continent. My son isn't that far behind me and it is cool that we are 'friends' in the game. Part of this is battling and assisting others. Though it isn't interactive with the other users, you can attack their parties. Depending on your group, you either win or lose. When you have to battle at the Boss level in your quest, you can use use one of your friend characters in place of yours. It can help to increase your life and hit points before going up against the big guns.

If you want to check it out, you can download it for your Android phone (Google Play) or the iPhone (iTunes).

Do you have any favorite gaming apps for your phone?


  1. My mum is addicted to Candy Crush. The babes on Spirit Stones look awesome. Too bad I'm too occupied with Immortalis.

    1. I have co-workers that are into that game and never could get into it. This is more up my alley and just as addictive.


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