Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Review: Transformers Jetfire Voyager Classic (2006)

Finally have this for my collection - Transformers Jetfire Voyager Classic (2006).

I saw this last year at 2nd & Charles store. It was $80 and I couldn't bring myself to buy it at that price. What is cool about this store is that it takes Trade-Ins and will give cash or store credit. Over the last few months, I went through my CD.s DVD's and Manga and traded it in. I finally got enough to buy this for just 12 cents. I probably traded in 10x that in value for my stuff, but don't care. It was all sitting getting dust, so now I have this that can sitting and get dusty - LOL.

Here are the package shots. It had an outside Flip tab so you could see it in Robot form. I am not sure what the draw of this was as you could see this better in the back of the box. I guess adding this gimmick helped sales or just added some extra interaction with the buyer.
Flip to see Robot Form
Of course you had those damn tie downs that I had to cut out. I really think there needs to be something else to use for that. Thankfully a pair of scissors helped get that over quickly. What I found odd was that it came with a separate head. Once you assembled the robot in full armor, you placed this head over the other one. I guess they thought the head was too small and needed a larger one. After adding it as you ca see on the right, it does make the figure look more menacing.

Some of the other cool things with this unit was that it had wrist canons that fired blue projectiles. You also got 2 guns that could combine into a twin beam rifle. Unlike the original Jetfire, the back pack came off as a single unit and wasn't tied around the wings. The boosters could actually move a bit which was nice. What was really interesting was the fact the wing canons could be hidden. They could be popped out, or placed into the thrusters. To do this however, you needed to move part of the red thrusters as you can see in the photo.

Below, I tried to get a couple photos showing the different versions of this figure. You could take off everything and make it like a normal jet and transformed figure. What I liked was the wings also were moveable. As you can see below, it does have the sweep wings like the original as well.

Here are some shots showing it transformed from an airplane in robot mode.


Now lets get the full on figure. This is a series of shots showcasing Jetfire in all his glory. With everything added back on, this one really comes to life.


Maybe I should do a side by side comparison some time so you can see the old and new versions side by side.


  1. I have the Henkai Takara version of this Jetfire and its really a great piece! They should make a bigger version of Jetfire since its supposed to be a flight carrier.

    1. It is an awesome figure with all the transforming it can do. It is funny that this is the same unit with some minor changes. Not sure if I could imagine this larger and in a carrier format.


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