Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Shinra Bansho Chocolate Gold Insert Cards

Well paint me gold and then shit on my parade.

I usually order 3 boxes each time that Shinra Bansho (Shinrabansho) Chocolate cards come out. I have never gotten a full set out of these orders, but came close. I have pulled some of the rare cards and was happy with that. This set was the second volume of the series Gensouryuu no Hihou.

This shipment has taken me by surprise on many levels. I was able to actually get a complete set out of the 3 boxes - all 29 cards in the set. Plus all the yummy chocolate wafers being shared among family. So good . . . but this time, I was in for the ULTIMATE SHOCK.

Let me start this by saying I love the artwork and was introduced to them a while back by Shocktress. You can check it out on a previous post too. I have been collecting them now since then and keep them in a binder. I even have created a spreadsheet to record what I have. The extras go to my son if he wants them as we both enjoy pulling the cards.

So, now onto the big teaser - I got not one, but TWO GOLD INSERT BACKER CARDS. I have a photo of one that I got so you can see it is legit. These are insert cards to get the Special Edition cards in that series (SP03 & SP04). My best guess from seeing some things, is that these are only available in every 20,000 packs. But I have no idea as I can't read Japanese, so if someone can clarify, that would be great. Now for the shit on my parade . . . I am sure that these can only be redeemed by someone living in Japan. I can't translate the page as it is a pic (o~O), but I am 99.9% sure this is the case.

I have reached out to some resources, but am not sure if they can help. I have also sent some inquiries to Japanese Proxy Services. Nothing as yet, but am spreading a wide net as I only have until 2016/11/30 and then the offer has expired.

My request to the inner webs is for someone who can assist with me getting them. I am willing to drop some cash your way or share in the spoils as you can use the second card.

Interested in helping or got ideas on how to get them?

Drop me a comment here with a suggestion or hit me up with an email at bluedrakon at gmail.

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