Monday, May 11, 2009

The Gene Generation

Genres: Action, Science Fiction, Minor Horror
Themes: Violence, Nudity, Gothic
Movie Rating: R

So we decided to hit Block Buster and rent a couple DVD's. Here is one we watched last night called The Gene Generation which is based on a comic book series called The DNA Hacker Chronicles. It stars Ling Bai, Alec Newman, Perry Shen,
Faye Dunaway, Robert David Hall (C.S.I.) and many others.

I have not read the comic so did not have any pre-conceived notion of what to expect. My wife just loved the catch phrase "Death is just an Upgrade". So the mini rundown is that a Corporate company figures how to manipulate DNA without a sample (called a Transcoder) and then place goes to hell as they are actually trying to use the tech for military use. DNA sampling is outlawed and to bypass the scan, people end up DNA Hacking others to change their DNA. So in comes Michelle (Ling Bai) - Assassin who hunts and kills them. She has a brother Jackie (Perry Shen) who is in deep with gambling and causes her nothing but heartache throughout out the show. One of the surviving scientist named Christian (Alec Newman) has the last Transcoder andis trying to get the device to work again. btw - he lives in the same building and floor as Michelle and her Bro. While Dr. Josephine Hayden (played by Faye Dunaway) who is really badly disfigured from the explosion is trying to find to be restored back to her human form. She is helped by 2 brothers, one of which is Abraham (Robert David Hall) who gives Michelle her assignments.

There are a couple of plots in the movie which cross each others paths. It was going good for a while, but then seemed to continually drag on and on. Seems the Director was working hard to keep these 2 plots going and crossing each other that it got a little lost. At the end of the movie pretty much everybody dies with no happy ending. It turned out to be "B" Flick which was a bit disappointing. I have to say the saving grace of the film was Ling Bai who is Smoking Hot in this. Sexy Lady, Leather, Latex and Guns = Hottie Assassin.

Overall Grade (only because of Ling): C-

Here are some screen shots:

These guys are dead and don't even know it!

This is Faye Dunaway?

Group Shot near end of movie

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