Sunday, May 10, 2009

STR.A.IN: Strategic Armored Infantry - part duo

Disc 2, Episodes 8 - 13
Genres: Action, Drama, Science Fiction
Themes: Mecha, Military, Nudity, Lolita Dolls

So here is the review of the last disc of the collecte
d box set. These last episodes pretty much have Sarah's identity discovered and it goes downhill from there.Here is a shot of Female Reasoners.

Her world falls apart after meeting her brother face to face again. Everyone is not too happy to find out that she is the younger sister of the number uno traitor Ralph Werec. She is questioned, sent to solitary to be turned over to the military and then threatened by gun point by Queen. The whole ship finds out and it just gets bad.

Turning point is the discovery that Sarah's doll is actually an alien life form. You then find out the true background of the "Emily's" and it is not a good story. I will leave that a secret as not to give away too much of the story. We have now discovered why her brother is doing what he is doing. He goes a bit mental in the final episodes and then really losses it.

Everyone discovers what really happened to the Emily's and now are rallying behind Sarah to help them and save everyone. Some great battle scenes in the end with Sarah sort of sacrificing herself to save everyone. The ending does leave it open for another season, but who knows.

Overall rating is B-

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