Friday, May 08, 2009

Queen's Blade Cards - Part Duo

So here is a follow up from yesterdays cards that came in. These are a starter deck of the Queen's Blade Card game. It was pretty much taken form the Game Books and placed into card format. Here is a shot of the Menace Starter Deck box. She is a character that seems to based on an Egyptian theme.

So for those that do not collect the books, they figure you will pick up these cards. It may be cheaper to just buy the books after everything is said. Like all cards, there are rare cards and foils that are hard to find. I have gotten 3 booster boxes and still need to get about 11 cards. The booster boxes seem to have about 2-3 foils per box and a promo card in each. So far I have 2 promo's from the v2 set. These starters do have at least on rare foil per box which is nice.

Some of the cards are okay while others are just like "WOW". Uploaded a couple that were in this pack for your enjoyment. Note as these are from Japan only, so they are all in Japanese. So I cannot really play it, but it is fun collecting.

If anyone is also collecting these, please check out my site at Cards on my Artwork Collection site. I have my spares and needs list for the Queen's Blade and Masamune Shirow cards (Illustration, GalGrease and Ghost in the Shell).

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