Saturday, May 09, 2009

STR.A.IN: Strategic Armored Infantry

Disc 1, Episodes 1 - 7
Genres: Action, Drama, Science Fiction
Themes: Mecha, Military, Nudity, Lolita Dolls

So I have been hearing mixed reviews of this show fora while. But I happen to love Mecha Anime and the pricing for the 13 episode pack was worth while ( Amazon > $28.99 ). Turns out the first disc was pretty cool, especially when the story is set up in the first episode. Below it a shot of Sarah (her mecha and doll) and Ralph with his Mecha.

Concept is pretty simple Younger sister (Sara Werec) sees older brother (Ralph Werec) head off to war and strives to be just like him (btw - both parents are dead). Works hard and then in a mist of a battle, finds out that brother is now on the wrong side of the war. Sister then goes on a search to find out why he did this (while hidding who she really is) and has personal enounters along the way. When all hope is lost in a big battle, she finds a secret mecha and joins the fight to "face" her brother on why he is doing all this.

A lot of drama as she has to now hid who she is and ends up being standoff-ish. Her Doll which plays a key roll in her piloting the mecha is her only way to heal. There are a couple of boy wants girl, but girl does not see him romantically. Also Episode 7 is just a funny, then WOW, then OMG girl wants girl part of the series.

Here are 2 of the Key Mecha in the first 7 episodes. Magenta is Sarah's and other is her older brother Ralph.

Not sure if will be watching next disc tonight, but will update tomorrow on one thing or another.

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