Monday, June 22, 2009

Manga Review: D.Gray-Man

Writer & Artist Katsura Hoshino
Distributor: Shonen Jump

One of those that I was not sure of when I first saw it. There were some nice write ups and I got the first 5 volumes at the Borders Sale a while ago. I picked up more of the series at another 4 for 3 sale at Borders. Only one missing however is the 7th volume which I am having an issue finding.

Group Shot

So far it has been a great read thus far and I have gotten up to volume 6. I like the fact that it gives you hints along the way on the background of the characters. I also like the Question & Answer panel with a character at the end of each chapter.


The main story follows the adventures of Allen Walker.It is Millennium Earl that is creating the Akuma to take over the world of man. Under the tutelage of one of the Black Orders Generals, he is trained and then sent to the Black Order to become an Exorcist.

Allen has an Innocent embedded in his hand and uses it to fight Akuma. His left eye gives him the ability to see Akuma that actually disguises themselves as human. Not a bad item to have in a fighting them.

Soon he joins the Black Order which is a secretive organization which aims to stop Millennium Earl and to save the souls trapped as Akuma. He meets several other Exorcists that like and dislike him while he is working in for the Black Order. One who actually despises Allen is Yu Kanda who is quite good with a sword. One of the cuties is Lenalee Lee who has a kick that can slice a house in half. Others are Lavi (with a really big hammer), Bookman (really weird bald guy), Komui Lee Chief Scientist (and Lenalee's older brother).

The Millennium Earl also has the help by the name of the Noah Clan. These are supposedly descendants of Noah (from the Bible) and are humans.

It is a great read and wild turns in each volume. The story keeps a good pace and gives you plenty of time to get to know the characters. If you have not picked this up, well you should. The reviews are right on the mark and cannot wait to check out the anime someday.

One of the Lower Akumas
History Lesson

Meeting of Allen & Millennium Earl

Shocking Secret Reviewed

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  1. You shouldn't bother with the anime, they load it with fillers kind of early on (i skipped them)


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