Thursday, July 16, 2009

Basquash! Episode 7 Preview

Previous episode: James came from the Moon to take over the Street basket ball and call it Open City Basketball (OCB). They have some open trails to see who will be playing. Dan does make it and is offered a TON of jewels. The winner of the games also gets a free pass to the Moon. Does Dan take the jewels to pay off his debt and gain access to the Moon or does he pass it up??

Preview: We see a young Dan "thinking" and Miyuki wakes him up. They have a short argument about Dan sleeping and then they are off running into the sun.

In this episode we seen the James from the Moon taking over the game and players of Street Basketball by hook or by crook. There are more unusual settings between characters that keeps you wondering who knows what about each other. There are still others hiding in the wings awaiting the time to be put into action, but why?

There is one scene that shows you a "shower" and had me having to watch again to be sure I saw it correctly. I was LMAO!!! You will know it when you see it. Oh yea, and there is a bar fight

We see what the Moon has in store for Street Basketball and why they are getting involved. I bet it is to find out the new power that is building on the planet. Like all Governments, they have to control the masses.

We see a lot of Dan and his broken relationship with his sister Coco. We get more background on how they were before all this shit started. It gives a good grounding element to the story and helps to define Dan's actions going forward.

We see the "Official OCB" game being played. It seems that all the rules has taken the life out of the game. Not the same game anymore and even the "Lower Class" is hating it. But who cares as this is now run by the Moon. Well, we see that Haruka has a few tricks to play and Dan substitutes his way into the game. Now the fun really gets started!

What really hits home in the end is how Dan finally answers Jame's offer of the jewels to play in the OCB. He had some Big Balls to pull that off!


Who is this Guy?

Coco still is aloof with Dan


Bag of Shinies

Hot Hotties

Is that a Basketball or a Fireball Dan threw?

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