Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Anime Releases for 09/29

Here are the releases for today (09/29) at your local Video, Book Stores or the infamous Amazon website in the US. I only review Movies and Box Sets that are coming out as this will get the most bang for your buck. I did "borrow" the summaries from various sites so you can get a brief review of the story.

I got to say this is another month that could break someone's bank account. My personal recommendations are Burst Angel, Black Lagoon,Heat Guy J and One Piece. For this baseball fans, Big Windup! Oofuri is a great series as well.


Burst Angel TV/OVA BlueRay set
A new law and a dark underground syndicate have delivered devastating chaos to Tokyo. The city's only chance for survival is a fearless mercenary, her dangerously beautiful comrades, and a massively armed and armored mech. In this land where war has spread like a disease, they will have to put their very existence on the line and fight to be the cure.

Sola - Anime Legends Edition
Yorito Morimiya is a high school student who loves to take photos of the sky. One night, he goes out to the park to take a photo of the sky as it turns from night to day, when he meets a mysterious girl named Matsuri Shihou who longs to see the blue sky. However, she is actually an immortal ageless existence called Yaka, the Calamity of the Night, and has lived hundreds of years alone in the darkness of night.

Big Windup! Oofuri Season 1 Part 2
Spring training is over, and it's time for the real fun to start. Mihashi's confidence got a huge boost from beating his old school, and now he's more determined than ever to become his team's ace. With Abe calling the pitches, the once shell-shocked hurler feels like he can strike out the world.

Heat Guy J Complete Collection - 2009
Super criminals and mafia families have become more powerful than any police force in the oceanic city-nation of Judoh. That's why the government built Android J, a cybernetic crime-fighting machine destined to rid Judoh of the criminal element. Together with his partner, Daisuke Aurora, the most dangerous criminals will soon find themselves on the run.

Negima Complete Series -Viridian Collection
Vampires, robots, sorcery... and that's all before Gym Class! Welcome to Mahora Academy, an all-girls school where the impossible and the enchanting are a part of the curriculum. It's the start of the new school year and emotions run rampant as the girls of Class 2-A meet the newest staff addition: Negi Springfield. A ten-year-old Welsh-born prodigy, Negi has more problems than he has students.

One Piece Season 2 Part 3
With Nami on the verge of death, Luffy's crew abandons its voyage to Alabasta and goes looking for help. Their search leads them to frosty Drum Island, where the locals don't roll out the red carpet for pirates, and the only doctor in town lives atop a treacherous, snow-covered mountain.

Black Lagoon Season 1 & 2 Collection
Rokuro Okajima is meek, mundane, and metropolitan. His business trip to South East Asia turns from pleasure cruise to festival of pain when modern-day pirates board the ship and take him hostage. Revy, Dutch and Benny are merciless, maniacal, and mean. Together, they make up the crew of the Black Lagoon.

Green Green Complete Collection - Litebox
In ages past, a man and a woman tasted forbidden love. Even though they could not be together, they made a vow that would transcend time. When next they meet, their fire will rekindle. In modern day, there is a boy's academy located high in the mountains called Kanenone. Yuusuke is one of the reincarnated lovers, and a student at Kanenone.

Ergo Proxy Complete Series - 2009
The domed city of Romdo is an impenetrable would-be utopia where humans and robots coexist, and everything is under complete government control - or so it appears. While working on a mysterious murder case, Re-l Mayer, a female detective from the Civilian Intelligence Office, receives a foreboding message that something is going to "awaken." That night, she's attacked by a deformed super-being...

Source: Mania


  1. Any feedback on these? You should put a recommendation feature below each one to give us a better idea :P I'm wondering if I should bite on Ergo Proxy but don't know if its good or not. Thanks again for providing us with releases :)

  2. I like Ergo Proxy a lot (so far), but I can def see how it's not for everyone.

  3. @ japancinema / lovelyduckie > I watch Ergo Proxy for a while, but for some reason I got out of it. The story line get a little bizarre for me.

    If I have seen it, I should try to add my own comments as japancinema noted.

  4. Sweet! Thanks alot

    BTW you should hold a contest for Burst Angel TV/OVA BlueRay set *wink nudge* :D

  5. Burst Angel! I remember watching that on fansubs ages ago! I wonder if the dub is any good? I might pick it up if it is!


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