Thursday, February 24, 2011

Acrylic Display Stands Part Duo

We went back on Sunday and got more of these display stands (Acrylic Display Stand) for my figure cases. I wanted more of the large ones, but no such luck as only had 3 that I spotted. I did get more of the medium and small ones to try to use as building blocks.

I used all but 2 medium ones and will be going back this weekend for more. I promised my son some of the small ones, but I actually used them all :(

Here is the before and after shots of my other display case:

Before and After

More After Shots

I am really happy with how these all turned out and for less than $20 USD, it worked out well.

One of the things that sucked is that my Shin Musha Gundam fell apart when I was moving him. You can see him missing from the After shot showing the full case. For those that just joined in to me, I had an issue with this a while back. To get the details, check out this Blog Review - Gundam Fix Figuration #0035.

Needless to say, I need to super glue a shoulder joint part so the one side does not fully break off entirely. !@#$%^&*()_


  1. With bigger acrylic stands, you will be able to display more figures if you arrange them strategically. I have used some acrylic display boxes to stack my increasing toys on display too! Good alternative and creative display will make use of space effectively.

  2. Lovely display! The "tiered" organization looks much much more wonderful.

  3. The size of the shelves is a good height for your taller figures. But I wish Ikea had options with more shelves too. I'm a fan of the tiered look as well.

  4. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I was able to find 2 larger ones, but nos sure they will work inside the displays :)

    @Yi ~ i am much happier with the displays now

    @lovelyduckie ~ I have to agree as I wished they had more options. We were able to find shelves for the bookcases that they offer which gives my books a tiered look so nothing is hidden.


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