Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Shenanigans

It was nice not driving around on Saturday House Hunting. Was able to watch some morning cartoons and relax a bit. I had to drop off a package to be shipped to Australia, but was back in time for Bakugan.

I finally got the wife out of the house later in the day and we drove around shopping. I wanted to stop at an Antique store and check it out. I was quite surprised to see Sailor Moon items. WTF were these doing in a antique store??? I know that they are an older series, but in an antique store?

They had some old VHS tapes, Manga and Card sets. What really took me by surprise was some bathroom items. I looked close and saw a Sailor Mercury hair brush and 2 Sailor Mars toothbrushes. Not sure I would use them myself, but still nice for a collector.

Just then I looked up and saw 2 Sakura Cardcaptors dolls.Both were the same doll, just different packaging from what I could tell. They were $12.95 each and to me was not a bad price for the condition. Still though, not for me.

Rest of the day was more shopping. We stopped by Wonder Books and I got 2 Manga books - Jing: King of Bandits, vol 6 & 7. I wanted to get more as they had a sale that if you bought one, you got one free on Graphic Novel and Comic books. Since this is a second hand shop, there was not much around to buy that peaked my interest. I was able to get both these for a little over $6.00.

I have been wanting to get a new figure for the longest time. I keep adding stuff to my shopping cart at Wal-Mart and then put it back. This time however, I was determined to get something. I finally got a Transformer to satisfy my cravings called Terradive. I have a love of planes and I really liked the design of this one. One I saw it had a trident as a weapon, I was sold. I hope to have a posting up soon of it un-packaged and transformed.

Anything exiting this weekend for you?


  1. Love the pics of Sailor Moon/CCS stuff. I had no idea they even made tooth brushes and hair brushes

  2. Lol Sailor Moon at an antique store. Nice find. ^ ^

  3. @lovelyduckie & Yi ~ I was shocked to see it there and the selection of stuff was interesting

  4. Wow, Cardcaptor Sakura dolls! Shame they aren't the Japanese ones. Did they look like they were good quality?

  5. @anonymous_object ~ They looked okay for the brief time I reviewed them. If interested in them, I can head back to take more photos for ya

  6. Sailormoon is really old-skool and it's really rare to see their merchandises these days. I didn't really shop for toys this week and most of the purchases were do online. Some Gundam kits that's all.

  7. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ It was a shick for me to see them in an antique store and in cood condition to boot.


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