Friday, April 01, 2011

Best of Gundam Cosplay

Lets get this party started with . . .


Nothing beats what you are about to see here anywhere in the blog-o-sphere. If it was a Gundam Mecha cosplayer, you will only find some of the most outrageously detailed versions of them here. I tried to even find some sexy versions to wet your appetite.

Lets start it off with the sexiest pussy in a Gundam Cosplay Universe you will ever see in your life.










Gundam Pussy Cat

Not to be out done by a simple cat, lets check out this lovely lady in her Gundam cosplay of the day:

Gundam Box Girl

Now us guys can really push this out to the edge and beyond as well. Here are what I have to say are some of the top people who came out in all their glory to be seen - Go Go Gundam!

Underwear Gundam
Boxy Gundam

White T-Shirt Gundam Guy

Mega Blok Gundam

Plain Cardboard Gundam

White Tights Gundam Man

Infamously Internet Gundam Box Guy

RX 75 GunTank w/Friends

Lets not forget about our Zaku's as they need to show off as well the extent of their love for the cosplay.
Zaku Box Guy

Char Zaku Box Guy

Now we have those damn cheap imported knock offs. It is a sad day in the Gundam Universe when this is accepted as the norm.

Made in China Gundam

Gandam Cosplay Guy

Happy April Fool's Day

Honestly now, no more messing with your head as I am sure you need to wipe away the tears of laughter now. Check back next Friday for my Zaku Girls :D


  1. Ha! Ha! You got me bro with these unexpected costly of Gundam! Good to let our hair down once in a while to let our legs be pulled. Happy April's Fool Day to you too! Lol...

  2. LOL the make in china box Gundam really made his statement. LOL

    Please tell me that is not your cat...

  3. The cat is the best one of all XD

  4. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I needed to give everyone a chuckle this this year.

    @LEon ~ nope, not my cat, but was a strange find for Gundam cosplay

    @Persocom ~ thanks, no luck finding a Dog Gundam :(

  5. Loll. Gundam pussy made me laugh. ^ ^

  6. @Yi ~ I was glad this happened on the day it did as it gave me some time to have fun :)

  7. @Cosplayer Mimay ~ I had a blast doing this post


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