Thursday, April 07, 2011

Review: Transformer Decepticon: Terradive

As promise, here is my review and photo shoot of Decepticon Transformer Terradive. This was a Deluxe Class and Level 3 (Intermediate) Transformer. I got busy last week and ran out of time to get this post up :(

Like all transformers, it is a remake of earlier versions. I love how they take previously used characters and give them an updated look. Here are the 2 older versions of this named figure. Both also happen to be planes as well.

I happen to be a big fan of sweep wing design planes and loved how this one looked. When I saw it had a trident, I was really sold.

Package Design

Overall it is a nice design and I really liked the overall look of this. Like I noted, I love teh sweep wing design of the plane. I thought they did an excellent job with how the trident attaches to the plane. Coloring is well though out through out the designing.

Transforming is a bit of joy as with all of them. I can't imaging trying to do this without the illustrated instructions. They haven't changed at all over the many years I have been collecting. It took me about 8 minutes to transform from Plane to Robot mode. Would of been faster, but wind kept blowing the instructions around.

It is very positionable and I liked how they hid the hands in the thrusters. I think this is a popular design as I am sure I have seen this on another one my son had. With that said, Terradive's head looks like he is actually wearing a hat. Kind of funny looking if you ask me, but I like it.

Only part that I felt was odd on this was how the nose of the plane was laid out in Robot mode. I even made a "funny" at the end of this for your enjoyment. It really almost doesn't fit the picture, if you get my drift. I also like the fact that there is o rockets to loose and it is all self contained together. It seems to be much more playable in my case than the others right now. It can be posed (as you will see later) and setup for some interesting shots.

I am glad I picked this up and would be a great addition to anyone's Transformer or Plane collection.

Well, lets get on with the show as I have several pics to get uploaded for your viewing pleasure. I will start in Plane mode, then get to Robot mode.

Plane Mode ~ Revolving Views

Random Plane Shots

Trident Shots

Robot Mode ~ 4 Revolving Views

Random Robot Mode Shots

Random Robot Mode Shots w/Trident

No Pantsu shot, but this is Even Better!


  1. Nice review and the pics look great! Some of the pics make me think that it's taken at airfield. The colour scheme of Terradive makes it looks like a acrobatic plane.

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I have this area behind my apartment and next to a Lowes Hardware store which gave it a good feel.

  3. yeah! nice setting and photography :)

  4. @Cosplay Mimay ~ finally had a sunny day to shoot - wish I had more clouds though

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