Monday, July 25, 2011

Borders Closing up Stores

Well, it is with a sad heart that we find Borders is closing up the brick and mortar stores. My son was upset because he was not sure where he was getting his Blue Exorcist volume 3. We told him we had other avenues to get his manga - poor kids. We got an email Thursday on that they were closing and then on Friday we found the stores was reducing prices from 10 to 40%.

This affects all Borders, Borders Express and Waldenbook stores. Here is the list of what I can remember of the percentages off:

10% off ~ Hardbacks, Fantasy and Mystery novels as well as Stationary.
20% off ~ DVD's, Graphic Novels and Manga
30% off ~ Romance novels
40% off ~ Blu-rays and Magazines

If you have the Borders Plus card, you will also get an additional 10% your purchase until 08/05/11.

I did get some manga for me (Air Gear v 1 &2 and Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan v 1) and my son (Shaman King v1) while my wife went nuts on Romance novels. We did pick up some Magazines as well. I am biding my time for a larger percentage off before I get a slew of Manga for us both.


  1. Sorry to hear that you have one less source of manga near you. People of Singapore was also sadden when MPH bookstore with long history closed down. I know how it feels.

  2. Yes, only because the romance novels (and I only get the paranormal romance ones) were 30% plus out 10%, makes it a good deal :) I can't wait until the fantasy and sci sections are around that % off, then well, we will have a well stocked personal library!!

  3. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ it is a pain as we will have a hard time now with instant gratification on reading

    @Faery Chaos ~ I know the $$ will fly out of opur account when that happens


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