Friday, January 11, 2013

Cosplay: Major Motoko Kusanagi 4

I guess I have to spread this out to one more cosplayer post for the lovely Major Motoko Kusanagi. I have a mixed bag again, but mostly her in her 'swimsuit' battle gear. Though with this group, I am thrilled to see some extra details. Two of our cosplayer took to draw the connections on the back of her neck and then some.

I decided to start this off with a cosplay of her Hard Disk version. It was done very well with the wires attached. This is never an easy cosplay to do, but she handled it with flair. I have to hand to all the lovely ladies as they did a stunningly and beautiful job!

(photographers: Insane-Pencil)

(photographers: shiroang and kularock)

(photographers: F Chen Photography)

(photographers: EmeryRose, JwaiDesign and Danquish)
(photographer: Boris-The-Animal)

Let me know which of these ladies are your favorite?

We are also always looking for our NEXT COSPLAY STAR, so drop me a line a bluedrakon (at) gmail (dot) com!


  1. Personally, I liked ThresherMaw the best out of this set.

  2. One thing for sure, you are a big fan of Major Motoko Kusanagi from your previous postings! GinaBCosplay had posed well and high degree of sex appeal. The last pic of ThresherMaw on the other hand is rather artistic. They are my top 2!

    1. Seems that ThresherMaw is the top girl this post :^D


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