Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Toy Review: 1985 Dancougar - Eagle Fighter

I just wish I had kept the box for this. I actually picked this up from Kay-Bee Toys (closed up now) back in the early days. They actually had other Bandai figures that I wish I had gotten. But I am happy to say that my 1985 Dancougar (Dancouga - Super Beast Machine God in Japan) is still with me. Here is a link to what the box used to look like with the figures - pie2 photobucket.

I will actually start of small with this post of the Eagle Fighter. It was flown by Shinobu Fujiwara in the series. It is funny that I have still not seen this series, but I love the figures. I am glad that a fire we had over a decade ago didn't damage these. I would have a hard time finding a replacement for it.

What was cool about this set was that it had 3 transformations. Two were simply the Vehicle and robot forms. This one however also formed the head of the main robot. For the posts on the individual figures, I will only do the 2 main transformations. I do have to mention, that putting this head on the main body was a bitch sometimes. They even had a separate sheet to put the head on - lol.

Here are the photos of the figure for your enjoyment. I will start off with the robot version of the figure. It is a hard one to get standing due to the extended wings. You could also fold them up a bit but it would really be center heavy.


Now here is the Eagle Fighter version. It was a pretty simple transformation from robot to fighter as you flip the wings over, then fold the arms behind and place the feet together.


Sorry guys, but no pantsu in this series ~  m(_ _)m

I will pick the Land (Black) Cougar for next weeks post.


  1. Nvm without pantsu shot! This vintage toy is equally awesome with its 3 transformation! A great design from the 80's and indeed each robot that form Dancougar needs to be honored with individual post.

    1. Sorry for no pantsu, buy would have been awkward. Hopefully I will have the others up each week until we get to the final form!


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