Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Toy Review: 1985 Dancougar - Big Moth

Here is the last installment of the single figures before we get to the main event.

This one is know as "Big Moth" and was piloted by Ryo Shiba. I can only assume the name is a combination of Big and Mammoth as I can tell you this is no freaking moth. I did save this for last as I really like this one due to all the cool weapons. It has a huge Main Cannon with some small guns on the side. Even the head has a couple guns.

This is a huge figure and is actually in scale with the other figures. Like the others, it has 3 modes and each on is quite impressive as you will see. If you didn't already guess, this one makes the main body of Dancouga.

Let start off like before with him in his robot mode. Due to the size of this figure, I did my normal 4 revolving shots and then the others for more detail.

 I love the Tank mode as it looks like something you wouldn't want to mess with. It looks heavy and can take a pounding as well as dish one out. I am amazed by the way that they 'hid' the trunk and ears while in tank mode.

In the beast mode, I like how the ears seems to be signal receivers. I can't imagine seeing this thing walking towards you. I think it looks more like an Elephant, but saying it is a Mommoth makes it that much cooler I guess.


Check us out next week for the Big Finale with DANCOUGA!!!!

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  1. Here comes the main body of the Dancouga right? It look kind of stout in robot mode. The Mommoth and tank modes had value add to the toy. The weapons are still nicely intact and in good chrome.

    1. Yeppers, next week we will have the full DANCOUGA all setup. I like the solid contraction of these toys and really wished I got more from this Bandai line back in the 80's.


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