Wednesday, August 28, 2013

30th Anniversary Zoid - Mirage Fox

My son has begin another year of school. He did such a great job last year (5 A's and 5 B's), that his Mom gave him a nice financial reward. I know he worked hard and decided to pitch in myself. He loves Zoids as much as me and said he wanted to get the Mirage Fox. Being a 30th Anniversary Edition, I thought it was a good pick too. Here is the outside of the packaging.
I ended up ordering it on Amazon from a Japanese Store. I always love getting stuff from Japan and I know my son would enjoy building it. It arrived in great condition and my son was very excited when he finally came over for the weekend. He actually asked for my help on some of it which was cool. Always love doing Father/Son stuff like this.

Here are a few shots of him assembling it. I actually picked up some jewelry snips for him so he could cut them off the sheets easier and safer. He is still getting the hang of it as I sometimes have to give them a closer cut to get the tag off.
I have to say it was a blast doing this with him as it reminded me of when I did it. He has inherited my old Zoids by Robo Strux which include Gordox (Stegosaurus), Terox (Godzilla), Brutox (Styracosaurus) and Radox (Rodan).   

We actually had parts left over as you have the ability to use different heads and armor. He picked the set that he wanted for the best 'Coolness" factor. The gun on its back can be switched out with the blades on his tail. The interesting part was that the Gatling Gun could be turned using the knobs on each side. It came with some stickers, but he hasn't decided if he wants to add them or not. 

4 Revolving Shots
Other Random Shots

I also managed to record a short video of it walking on my phone. This is the first time I did this and uploaded to YouTube. I may have a new enjoyment of adding videos now :^)

Video of it Walking

Has anyone picked up any new Zoids recently?


  1. Your son is so lucky to inherit yr Zoids.. Cool video on the mechanism there.

    1. My son was excited to get it. He also has a Zoid Bat that he is bringing over his next visit which we will be putting together too.


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